Chocolate Fudge Protein Cookie

Chocolate Fudge Protein Cookie
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The Protein Cookie is moreish, yummy, soft baked, healthy snack serving as a great alternative to all the health/protein bars & shakes. Perfect for “people sick & tired of the bar scene!” Also a great indulgent snack, minus the guilt!

These cookies are great for energy, strength, speed, endurance, body building, recovery, dieting, Coeliacs, general health, injury and achieving the best quality of life.

Facts about the Protein Cookie
● High Protein
● Low Carb
● High Calcium
● Low GI characteristics
● Excellent source of fibre
● High quality ingredients
● Healthy omega fats from almonds
● Natural sweetener Erythritol which aids the digestive system
● Individually wrapped cookie – for freshness & hygiene
● 9 months shelf life – no preservatives!
● A baked, indulgent product - Not just a protein bar shaped as a cookie

The Protein Cookie is high in fibre, which increases the metabolism, decreases hunger, sweeps out the bowel and colon, prevents constipation, and increases energy.

The Protein Cookie has been through extensive taste testing and everyone replied with an overwhelming response that our cookies are exactly like eating a normal cookie! – “Yummy”, “fabulous”, “moist and moreish”, “magnificent”, “great flavour and texture”, “addictive”, “scrumptious”.

What the Protein Cookie does NOT Contain:

● Wheat & Gluten Free
● Preservative Free
● No hydrogenated oils / “trans fats”
● No maltitol (causes bloating & gastric disturbances)
● GE Free
● NO artificial colours, flavourings and no aspartame
● Free of flour, butter, dextrose, glucose & sucrose, which are responsible for sudden swings in blood sugar levels that can leave you feeling tired

So who can eat them?

Dieters - The cookies are low carb, high protein which sustains the appetite, high calcium which may aid fat burning, extremely high in fibre for adding the bulk, minus the nasty stuff.

Sports Enthusiasts
PRE EXERCISE: Provides a source of fuel, nutrients & protein prior to weight training workouts. Pre- exercise intake of protein is important to aid recovery & adaptation of the work out session or event.
POST EXERCISE: Post exercise use is targeted to recover after resistance training & other exercise requiring optimal protein synthesis. Ideal also for appetite suppression following exercise. Studies have revealed consuming protein immediately after exercise can help speed up recovery & promote adaptation to the session.

Diabetics - The cookies are low carb & with a low GI characteristics, you can’t go wrong.

Sick/Injured - The high protein content is necessary to build healthy tissue. Ideal for anyone undergoing a period of muscle growth/recovery.

Elderly - Nutrients delivered in a snack.

Travellers - When you have minimal facilities for food storage & traveling to locations where food availability is limited.

Celiac - Free of gluten & wheat. And they taste superb.

Kids - Kid’s school lunches- give them something that is perceived as indulgent, yet healthy & sustaining them. Because of the high protein, it is ideal for tissue development & also with high calcium to build strong bones & nervous system.

Parents - Fab for mum’s – running around after kids, chores etc can leave you depleted. A protein cookie is a sweet pick me up that is good for you.

Health Conscious - Energizing & revitalizing AM/PM snack that satisfies the sweet tooth without leaving you with guilt. Ideal for anyone who wants a yummy healthy snack on the go or a bit of energizing! Being low carb these protein cookies make a great after dinner dessert too! Who said cookies & cream? Try the delish chocolate fudge protein cookie with low fat vanilla bean ice cream…… yummmmy.

Corporate - Great for the corporate that is computer bound & need something quick that tastes great & is healthy or for feeding the brain before a meeting.



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